Five ways to have fun in Dundee when the weather’s not so good

Dundee is Scotland’s sunniest city, and we’re understandably proud of that fact. Here on the east coast, we enjoy lovely summers with plenty of sunshine and long daylight hours that make sightseeing an absolute pleasure. Having said that, it rains here just like it does everywhere else, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your voyages of exploration.

There are a number of attractions here that the weather won’t spoilt, including the popular Dundee Science Centre. It’s located on Greenmarket, a short walk from the station, and is perfect for a day out with the family. It’s home to a number of fascinating exhibits that help you find out more about medicine, outer space and how we interact with the world around us.

On Market Street there’s another opportunity for exploration at the Dundee Museum of Transport. Here you’ll find a fabulous range of exhibits from both local and national sources, each of them with their own story to tell. The city has a rich transport heritage, and this fascinating museum stands as testament to it. The kids will also love having a chance to get a close up view of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Shop till you drop without getting wet

For many of us, a little inclement weather provides the perfect excuse to take some time away from the itinerary in order to savour some retail therapy. Dundee is rightly known for its many independent stores in both main streets and quiet little back roads, but there are also indoor shopping centres such as Wellgate and Overgate, for those times when you need to stay dry.

The McManus is Dundee’s celebrated art gallery and museum, and it’s always worth a visit. You’ll find a great selection of artworks to enjoy, as well as exhibitions that chart Dundee’s rise from a small settlement into a major British city. The Victorian Gallery, one of several to be found here, is home to an important collection of oil paintings from both Scottish and international artists.

Needless to say, you can still enjoy some adrenalin-filled activities without having to be outside. Here in Dundee, you’ll find karting, climbing, ice skating, swimming and more to do, so be sure to check out our listings to see what you’d like to do next. This is a city that is proud to say it has something for everyone. You’ll never be bored here, unless of course you want to be!

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