What happens when a foodie goes to a transport museum? 

It’s sounds like there should be a punchline doesn’t there? Well, this was no joke for Dave Reilly AKA @PerthshireFoodie, one of a vibrant group of influencers who have been going on unexpected adventures in and around Dundee. 

Earlier this year, the excellent (if we do say ourselves) team at VisitDundee went on a mission to invite lots of social media influencers to the city to experience for themselves what a night or weekend in Dundee is like. The results have been phenomenal. 

From fine dining to vintage motors

The most common reaction has been, “I had no idea how much Dundee had to offer”. Dave Reilly, a food blogger from Auchterarder, embodied this when, after savouring the food at the likes of Daisy Tasker at Hotel Indigo, had a few unexpected delights added to his itinerary.

Daisy Tasker Dundee

Amongst the foodie experiences, a trip to Dundee Museum of Transport was thrown into the mix. Known for it’s friendly welcome and consistently being one of the top visitor attractions in Dundee on TripAdvisor, Dave, who didn’t have much of an awareness of the museum beforehand, was taken on a nostalgic trip during his visit. 

Transport Museum was a highlight for Dave!

“The transport museum was a real surprise highlight of our trip to visit Dundee. The volunteers really make the visit with their knowledge and enthusiasm for the items on display and Dundee’s history. Will definitely be back when they have one of their special events on.”

From a cookery school experience to walking amongst tombstones

Dave hasn’t been the only foodie influencer who has discovered something unexpected about Dundee. When the North East’s fabulous @FoodieQuine, Claire Jessiman came for a visit, she was originally coming to the city to participate in a class at the brilliant Dundee Cooking Academy. Describing it as “the best cook school experience by a long shot,” Claire spent the day receiving expert tuition from the school’s resident chef Lews Donegan while cooking a three-course roast dinner – which they ate at the end. Amazing. 

foodie-quite, foodie, dundee-cooking-academy
Image Credit: Foodie Quine by Claire Jessiman

Just to shake things up, VisitDundee included a few other cultural experiences for Claire including a very special walking tour with Dundee Waterfront Walks. After spending the day at Dundee Cooking Academy, it made sense to book Claire a tour of the Howff Cemetery. Known to many Dundonians, the Howff is right next to Dundee Cooking Academy which has an aptly named Howff Secret Supper club, where people can enjoy a tasting menu in their secret underground dining room and interact with the chefs while they dine. Proper cookery theatre.

foodie, dundee
Image Credit: Foodie Quine by Claire Jessiman

While the Secret Supper Club is high up Claire’s to-do list in Dundee for a future visit (it’s VERY popular), in the meantime, she got a whole other Howff experience on this trip. Completely unaware of the Howff, she caught glimpses of the atmospheric and, of course, peaceful cemetery through the window during her cookery class.  Read more about Claire’s Cooking Academy experience here

Led by passionate tour guide Alistair Derrick, Claire was regaled with tales of witches, shipwrecks, cholera and the ‘Green Man.’ Definitely a change of pace and scenery for a prolific food blogger, but a welcome one. “Totally recommend this fascinating tour,” said Clare. “Do wrap up warm, there is a chill in the graveyard!”

From coffee roasting to enjoying an unexpected view

When food and drink blogger Adele Conn @tartanspoonblog came for a flying visit to Dundee, the hotel wasn’t at the forefront of her mind. 

A packed itinerary of foodie adventures meant her mind was on a wonderful coffee roasting experience during a visit to a coffee lover’s heaven at Sacred Ground Coffee in Arbroath.

Then, a visit to Fiona and the team at Tollhouse Spirits to hear about their collaboration with Sacred Ground Coffee to create a Cold Brew Coffee Rum Liqueur. “Fiona mentioned that these make for a superb Espresso Martini,” explains Adele. “Guess what I’ll be shaking up this week?!” We’re right there with you, Adele! 

Once back in the city, here is where the unexpected delights for Adele began. Her hidden gem if you will. And that was Sleeperz Hotels Dundee. Attached to the train station, Adele was wondering if it would be noisy. “I never heard a peep, and to be honest, you wouldn’t even know you were in a hotel above a railway station. The rooms are very well sound proofed even when they come with floor to ceiling windows that overlook the V&A museum.”

And it was this uninterrupted view, in a corner room right at the back of the hotel, that took Adele’s breath way. “It’s a long, long, long walk from the elevators, but worth it for the view. Pull back the curtains and you’ll see right over the river Tay, the V&A, the RRS Discovery and the Discovery Point Conference Centre. Pull up a chair, grab a cuppa and watch the sunset, it is the ideal way to ease into the evening.” Sounds blissful! You can read @tartanspoon’s 24 hours in Dundee blog here.

This is what Adele and all our food bloggers and influencers have had in common during their visits – the city and surrounding area has surprised them all in some way. “Scratch the surface and you’ll reveal a beautiful wee city that is undergoing a makeover,” says Adele. When asked about his trip, Dave said he was planning a trip to the McManus; Dundee’s Art Gallery & Museum because he ran out of time during this visit. And Claire, who is a regular visitor to Dundee, is planning some visits to the Dundee Rep Theatre after thoroughly enjoying seeing The Children during her visit. 

Each a food and drink writer – and each experiencing something new and exciting in Dundee, proving there really is something for absolutely everyone here.

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