10 Views of Dundee

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the story of a visit to Dundee can be more effectively told through the lens of a camera. We invited some of our fantastic local photographers to submit a picture of the city and tell us a little bit about it and why they love taking shots of the city of many discoveries.  They might just inspire you to pack your camera and head off to visit Dundee in 2021.

Dundee Ferris Wheel by Craig Doogan Photography

’30 second exposure of the ferris wheel shot at 400mm from the Fife side of the Tay. I love to shoot Dundee, especially the Tay and reflections. The conditions are forever changing and new fresh shots are always there to be had. Dundee is incredibly photogenic with an outstanding setting and for me the city comes alive at night.Craig Doogan Photography

St Paul’s Catherdral by Downfield Studios

Dundee has the most stunning churches and cathedrals. None more so than the lovely ornate alter and arches inside St Pauls,  just off the High Street. The lighting was just perfect with just enough light coming through the colour stained windows for our camera to capture the characteristic feel to the church. It’s worth going to see it for yourself what is inside this beautiful building that is drenched in history.’Jack & Sandra Ewing –  Downfield Studio Photography

View from the Law by PointOne Photography

‘This is a view from the Law with the bridge disappearing into the haar (fog). The views from the Law are beautiful and quiet. Especially under the haar. The views are ever changing and moments before I took this photo, I could barely see my hands with the haar being so thick. The Law is such a great vista for photographers, so many interesting views, from big city-wide panoramas to zoomed in close up shots.’

PointOne Photography

Dundee Rail Bridge by Giorgia De Paoli

‘It’s called “Haar”, it’s a Scottish word meaning the mist coming from the east. My interpretation of it is “Scotland not handling warm weather!!”. This bridge has been photographed so many times, but each time is a new picture with new emotions.’

Giorgia De Paoli Photography

Schiehallion and Cox’s Stack from the Law by Tayside in Pictures

‘I could never pick a favourite image, there are too many to choose from. But this is extremely unique and you can only get this view in certain conditions.I love shooting from the Law, with its 360 degree view across the whole city. There is interest everywhere you look, be it west towards Balgay hill, or east towards the Port and Broughty Ferry.I think Dundee is a photographers paradise at the moment, with the vast mix of old and new buildings and the unique and crazy architecture is just so pleasing with regards to photography.You can go from built up city centre, to idyllic sandy beaches at Broughty Ferry in 15 minutes.I’m certain I will never tire of this place.’Tayside in Pictures

Mains Castle by Ian G Black

‘I love exploring and photographing castles across Scotland and it’s great that Dundee has several within the city including 16th century, six-storey Mains castle. Getting shots of castles in the ‘bleak mid-winter’, when the leaves are off the trees and there’s some mist and rain gives a  more ethereal eerie historic appeal.

I came to Dundee from Aberdeen some time ago and fell in love with the city and its ‘comeback-kid’ spirit. Dundee has always had so much going for it and it’s great to see the city’s confidence grow year on year. Proud to call the city home and always encouraging people to visit Dundee!’

Ian G Black Photography

Dundee Road Daffodils by Stewart Dodd

‘The image chosen is one of the daffodils along Dundee Road heading toward the city. Spring is such a magical time that has the city awash with colour as our ambassador routes into the city along with many other areas have been planted with daffodils a sure sign that spring is well under way. I never tire of photographing my adopted home as there is always something new in this diverse and ever changing City of Discovery.’

Stewart Dodd

Strawberry Bank by Plamen Dinev

‘Dundee is the place where you can find the dynamic mixture of different architecture, music, ideas and culture  living together! Starting with the amazing Firth of Silver Tay, the unique atmosphere when strolling through Perth Road, or the view from the Dundee Law….I adore how throughout the years Dundee has evolved through architectural intervention to be a modern place whilst still keeping its historic legacy! And last but not least – the Dundonians! It’s the people who attach me to a place. These gorgeous and friendly Scots! I love it and that’s why I’m glad to live and shoot in Dundee!Plamen Dinevby Frame Focus Capture Photography

‘This image was captured in November 2017. I had been waiting for the external works of the V&A Dundee Museum to look somewhat complete so that I could capture one of the first images of it against the backdrop of the City. It was to be an image (that I hoped) would become ‘the Dundee image’ in that it would be a go-to shot to showcase the City, V&A Dundee and it’s forthcoming international standing.

I opted for this image from the evening as once the sun had set and lights started to come on across the bridge and the City, the image came alive. The reception i’ve had to this photo to it has been very humbling. It has been used by V&A Dundee and the University of Dundee and has appeared in media across the globe when promoting Dundee and indeed Scotland.

Nothing makes me prouder than when my images are used to promote my hometown or when others are inspired from my images to make their own versions. Whenever I see an image appear somewhere, it’s nice to know that someone else thinks it is good enough to use to showcase Dundee. I do occasionally get comments like ‘it makes Dundee look good’ and ‘so much has changed from when I was last there’ and I think the key thing is that the image sells Dundee, not just gives a nod to the history of the City but also to the modernity of it. Hopefully it makes you stop, look and appreciate the image and perhaps make the viewer consider paying us a visit for themselves because the image is different enough from the standard marketing images that are generally produced.’

Frame Focus Capture Photography

These photographers produce some amazing shots of the city. With a dramatic skyline, a glorious river and an eclectic mix of buildings and green spaces Dundee really does offer up some great opportunities to get creative with your camera.

You may have noticed that there are only 9 photos in our list. That’s because the 10th photographer is YOU!!!!

So, next time you get the chance why not put yourself behind the lens and come and visit Dundee for yourself.

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