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Technology is great isn’t it? It gives you a wealth of information with just the touch of a button. You can find almost any historical fact by inputting a few key words.

But does it bring the history of a place to life? Does it stimulate emotions and paint a vivid picture of how things used to be?

If your answer leans towards ‘Computer says No’  then you’re obviously enlightened enough to realise that it’s the human connection in story telling we need to stir our emotions and help us envisage what life was really like in days gone by. We have special people in tourism to help you do just this. They are called tour guides and your average Scottish tour guide has the ability to reach all those parts that code and algorithms can’t.

We’re lucky in Dundee because we have more than your average tour guides. We’ve got DD Tours!

Louise and Stewart form the dynamic duo on a mission to make learning about history fun. Their fun and quirky historical tours through Dundee have garnered fans from Scotland, across the UK and all over the world.

Whether it’s regaling their audience with the heroics of Admiral Duncan and his famous victory at the battle of Camperdown or sending a shiver down the spine with tales of Dundee’s infamous grave robbers, DD Tours always create a special connection with their audience. Their storytelling is often cited as being a highlight of many a visitors’ trip to the city.

Like so many involved in the tourism industry they’ve been forced to live life a bit differently just now. Such is their passion for history and dedication to researching for their tours that they’ve used their time wisely and written their own book, Burial Grounds of Dundee. It may not be bedtime reading for some but it does give a fascinating insight into some of Dundee’s history via this rather ‘grave’ topic and we heartily recommend you pick up a copy.

Now we’ve already established that human interaction is way better than the detached technological experience, but we aren’t total Luddites so we’ll admit that modern technology does have its uses.

We asked Louise and Stewart to put together a wee list of tours that can be accessed digitally. Download them and then you and your family can experience some of the great historical walks around Dundee by yourself in a safe, self distancing way.

5 Free Self-Guided Walking Tours in Dundee

  1. Heritage Walks

Walk, learn, explore and enjoy the series of self guided tours around the city, collated by The Rotary Club of Dundee using experts from other organisations as well as the expert knowledge of the late Professor Charles McKean.

  1. Literary Trail

Dundee Leisure and Culture would love you to try the literary trail for yourselves by choosing one or more from the East, West or Central trails. So print the map, hit the pavements and discover Dundee’s literary past and present. 

  1. Architecture Trail

A 45 minute stroll through the centre of Dundee looking at some of our most impressive architecture.

  1. Women’s Plaque Trail

25 women so far are commemorated by bronze plaques around the city, from artists to social reformers and everything in between! Find out their stories and view, download or interact with the map trail using your smartphone.

  1. DD Tours 

Take a wander around a small part of Broughty Ferry and learn a little about the area in the first of DD Tours free audio tour offerings.

Until we next meet

We still believe that it’s people who make tourism and technology is merely a tool for us to use. Tour guides tell the stories of people. Many of Dundee’s buildings may look impressive but it’s through the lives of the people that built them and lived in them that the real story lies.

Louise and Stewart are looking forward to getting back to doing what they do best; guiding visitors round the city. So when that time comes and you get the chance to come and visit Dundee, make sure to make that human connection and add a guided tour from DD Tours to the top of your list.

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